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Includes our Signed Bookmark, Signed Bookplate and more!


Select between a hardcover with jacket or paperback.

This book comes in two separate packages. Package one will be a book from the printer, package two will be the envelope that includes the bookmark, bookplate and extras!


Something sinister is happening inside the New Leaf apartment building

Olivia wakes on her bedroom floor, head spinning in a pool of vomit. Something isn’t right. The power is off and her husband is missing.

But the vicious storm outside is nothing compared to the storm raging outside her apartment doors. A parasite has begun invading, possessing, the residents. Transforming them into twisted, murderous versions of their former selves with one thing on their mind. To kill.

Screams echo from the darkened hallway as Olivia, desperate to find her husband, ventures unknowingly into a world of violence and mayhem.

Trapped within the New Leaf’s endless corridors, she must face her fears and discover the dark, ancient secret behind the insanity. She must face the Infested.

Fans of Resident Evil and Walking Dead series will love this fast-paced visceral horror

*moments of extreme violence - death - gore - child death




"From the opening chapter to the pulse pounding conclusion, C.M. Forest words drip with atmosphere and tension.

Each turn that the main character takes leads the reader deeper into a claustrophobic adrenaline fuelled psychosis. Unputdownable in the best possible way."


"This book was intense and grabs you right from the get go!! There’s a nefarious plot afoot in the New Leaf apartment building, but Olivia is also dealing with her own personal blowups. Creatures are in the vents and an ominous storm is boiling in the sky. Everything combines to draw you in deeper and deeper."





Infested by C.M. Forest


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