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We are a small, independent publishing house devoted to offering indie authors paid writing opportunities and releasing high-quality works in dark fiction.

From the moment we opened our doors we have prided ourselves with knowing that we have made it our practice to make sure that we pay our authors because we wholeheartedly believe that indie authors, like all artists, should be paid for their work.

What does that mean? It means that, outside of drabbles, each and every word published in our books and on our website has been paid for. We don't ask for free stories and we always make sure our authors are paid first. Every single time. As a new publishing house this is a huge commitment, but a necessary one.

Growing a business like this is not done in a vacuum. It takes support, readers, followers, reviewers, editors, authors, and people that have our back. Thanks to those that buy our books, merchandise, support us on Patreon and routinely like, comment, share, and follow us on social media, we have been able to grow every year. 

If you would like to support our indie publishing house through our Eerie Book Club, our Patreon or by PayPal donation, please see how below. 

Thank you for being here. We truly appreciate it!

Eerie Book Club Bundles!

If you love Eerie River Publishing and what we are putting out, this is the perfect way to support us and make sure you get every single release scheduled. Every Book Club Buncle will include a personal note from Michelle, a surprise merchandise package with postcards, bookmarks, stickers and an Eerie River magnet. 



Monsters & Mayhem - Anthology of Horror

Miracle Growth - Horror Novella by Tim Mendees

It Calls From the Veil - Anthology of Horror

Reign of Fire and Stars - Anthology of Horror

Infested - Horror Novel by C.M. Forest

Path of War - Dark Fantasy Novel by David Green Book Two (of three/four)

Nothus - Horror Novel by Drew Starling Book Two (of two)

Earth - Fire - Water (Quarterly release Wind releasing 2023) *Full Series will be in one book Elements 2023*

Shades of Night- Dark Fantasy Novel by Rachael Boucker Book One (of five)

Void - Dark Fantasy Novella by Neen Cohen


  • Includes every single release planned for 2022

  • Surprise Merch pack mailed to you!

* please note we may be adding to the list above and this will include any additional books released.



HORROR BOOK PACKAGE: $64.99 (USD) Includes shipping, taxes extra. 

  • Includes 5 paperback books of our horror releases​: MIracle Growth, Infested, Nothus, It Calls from the Veil & Gulf

  • Order by December 1 for holiday shipment (Canada, US, UK)



FANTASY BOOK PACKAGE: $64.99.00 (USD) Includes shipping, taxes extra.

  • Includes 5 paperback books of our fantasy releases: Fire and Stars, Shades of Night, In Solidude's Shadow, & Path of War, and A Sword Named Sorrow

  • Order by December 1 for holiday shipment (Canada, US, UK)



THE WHOLE SHEBANG: $125.00 (USD) Includes shipping.

  • Includes 10 paperbacks! Monsters & Mayhem, MIracle Growth, Infested, Nothus, It Calls from the Veil, Reign of Fire and Stars, Shades of Night, Path of War, and bonus 2023 delivery of the full quarterly collection *elements*. 

  • Includes eBooks of ALL of our titles coming out (including the quarterly series


ADD ON PACKAGE: $25.00 (USD) Includes shipping.

  • Add two additional titles from our upcoming or back catalogue to any physical book package for only $25.00. Books will be shipped with upcoming bundles. 

* Please note prices are valid for US and Canada - please request a quote for your location. 

UK Residence may see a slight difference, but not much.

Australia prices will vary greatly due to cost of printing. 

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