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As a long-planned endgame begins, the future of Haltveldt balances on the edge of the slimmest of blades.


Calene Alpenwood rallies her comrades against the spreading darkness, but faces overwhelming threats from both sides of enemy lines. The entity known as the Corruption, the living culmination of Haltveldt’s millennia-long abuse of the Spark, approaches. And it hungers for Calene, dead or alive.

Her allies, the former elven-renegade Brina al’Loria and the aged Sparker, Greton Bouseby, scramble to her aid, but Calene’s plans for Haltveldt’s salvation fracture her assembled friends’ wills. Meanwhile, the Follower of the Dawn’s mysterious goddess, the Widow emerges, her focus fixed on Calene, revealing her hand at last.


But there is a wild card in play. The treacherous Raas has fled from the Banished, and Kade Besem gives chase, desperate to put an end to the conniving ancient’s plans. For the Corruption and the Widow aren’t the only parties interested in the power Calene Alpenwood wields…


Nations unite, armies clash, and the past, present, and future converge in Haltveldt’s final stand. Have Calene and her allies learned enough to chart a new path to a brighter existence? Or will it prove impossible to escape the weight of bitter memories and ancient grudges - dooming Haltveldt to descend into complete and utter corrupted darkness?


It all ends At Eternity’s Gates.


At Eternity's Gates by David Green


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