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by c.m. forest

Something sinister is happening inside the New Leaf Building.

Olivia wakes on her bedroom floor in a pool of vomit, head spinning. The power is off and her husband is missing. A vicious storm assaults the building, but it is nothing compared to the storm raging outside her apartment door. A parasite has begun invading--possessing--the residents. Transforming them into twisted, murderous versions of their former selves with one thing on their mind. To kill.

Screams echo from the darkened hallways as Olivia, desperate to find her husband, ventures unknowingly into a world of violence and mayhem. Trapped within the New Leaf’s endless corridors, she must face her fears and discover the dark, ancient secret behind the insanity. She must face the Infested.

**Fans of Resident Evil and Walking Dead series will love this fast-paced visceral horror**

** Trigger warning **

Violence, gore, violence to children, death of a child, mention of sexual assault. 

Reviewers are Raving!

"A claustrophobic chamber piece set inside a modern apartment tower, C.M. Forest's Infested has the gritty feel of early Cronenberg and Romero. The wild, fast-moving plot and gruesome set pieces will delight readers with a taste for the strong stuff." —Nick Cutter author of The Troop and The Deep

"Swiftly moving between grisly encounters, action set pieces and peeled away reveals, C.M. Forest's Infested holds nothing back. This is pacy, gory, relentless fun graduated from the old school with honors." —Andrew Pyper, author of The Residence and The Demonologist

“From the outset, this breakneck horror tale never lets up. Fans of 70s James Herbert and David Cronenberg are going to love this well written, skin crawling splatterfest!” - Dave Jeffery, author of the A QUIET APOCALYPSE series.

"Forest's 'Infested' is a claustrophobic nightmare! This book had me racing to see just what will happen, while squirming the entire time. Loved it!" - Steve Stred, Splatterpunk Nominated author of 'Sacrament' and 'Mastodon.'

“C.M. Forest has created an image-induced nightmare of skittering little legs and creepy crawly carnage resulting in one heck of a traumatizing good time... Infested is a full-tilt 10 out of 10 on the heebie-jeebies scale, and a 5 out of 5 stars on the Horror Bookworm Recommendation scale"- Mike Horror Bookworm



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Simply let them know the following information: 

Hardcover ISBN: 978-1-990245-59-6
Paperback ISBN: 978-1-990245-58-9

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