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What happens after a worldwide cataclysmic event leaves the human population almost extinct? 
Within these pages we explore grim possibilities in this
post-apocalyptic series of novelettes and novellas. Each unique story will delve into a world changed forever in a future not far from our own. 
Experience with us the terrifying possibility of a world rent asunder and the struggle to survive in a world AFTER.
An eight part mini-series:

Derelict by T.M. Brown

A Place Beyond the Storm by David Green

Quantum Rule by Jay Sandlin

The Creeping Void by Tim Mendees

Heart of Thorns by Chris Hewitt

Fading Echoes by Joel R. Hunt

Carry On by Holley Cornetto

Sin Chaser by S.O. Green

if you are a fan of "Love, Death and Robots"
This is the collection for you. 
T.M. Cover V2.jpg


One thing is certain: blood attracts predators.

Mikaela's home settlement of Solstice finds its resources exhausted and her own life endangered by the relentless expansion of the nearby city of Beacon. Given the choice between a certain death or an impossible task, Mikaela and her comrades journey into the barren and monster-plagued Tidelands. Their destination, a derelict supertanker named ‘Colossus’, is rumored to contain the blood of the Earth itself-enough to power Beacon for a generation.

Will it be enough to save the people of Solstice? Will it even be enough to save herself?


T.M. Brown



They say the truth will set you free. But will it kill them all in the end?

Spending her life in an underground cave network with The Kin, Panam is brought Topside on her 14th nameday and told the shocking truth; the surface is an abandoned wasteland where the rainfall is lethal. Packs of Raiders roam Topside, sheltering from the storm, in search of the what The Kin possess: untouched, fresh water.

Unwittingly, Panam alerts Raiders to The Kin's presence... With her sister under her protection, will she pay the ultimate price?


David Green

Jay Book cover Ebook.png


Under Quantum Rule, you fight for your life whether you like it or not.

Bruce Dempsey, the Beast of Brooklyn, is the latest contender in the deadly Quantum Games. His plot to escape from his cruel overlords goes horribly wrong as Subterranean dwelling Morlox ambush them and take captive Rebecca, the one person he cares for the most.

With a mysterious bounty hunter closing in and Rebecca in peril- Bruce is running out of time to save them both… but that's just one more day under the Quantum Rule.

Quantum Rule is a gripping action-adventure story, for fans of eighty's style, fast action, character-driven, post-apocalyptic tales like Mad Max.


Jay Sandlin

CreepingTim After jpg.jpg

The Creeping Void

Beware the Void.

Since the Void descended, the Earth has become a twisted nightmare of its former self where something ancient stalks the hills and valleys. 

One last bastion of humanity is the Scottish Highlands where things have devolved into a Jacobean clan structure. Technology has been corrupted and the use of it outlawed. 

Tom and Willie, two hapless clansmen, find their simple lives disrupted when a strange girl crosses their path. Unwittingly, they are led to a group of ‘white coats’ working on unlocking the secrets of the Void. 

With time running out, they are forced to choose sides or risk the world.


The Creeping Void, is the lovecraftian inspired distopian novella you didn't know you needed. 


Tim Mendees

Thorns Small JPG.jpg

Heart of Thorns

An unimaginable sacrifice.

In a world terraformed into a wasteland by alien invaders, only one stronghold remains. Nestled amongst the rocky mountains and protected by the desolate peaks stands, the Rox. Ava, leader and mother of three, knows their time is running out as the alien creatures draw closer every year.

Their only hope for survival lies hundreds of miles across the alien scarred badlands and right in the middle of Cheyenne Mountain. With no other options left she sets in motion a plan that takes her only son Adan, into the heart of the mountain, and forces her estranged daughter Faye to risk everything to save him.

In these desperate times, will their sacrifice even be enough?

Heart of Thorns, is a gripping dystopian tale of family, loyalty and survival; and the sacrifices they must make to protect each other.


Chris Hewitt


Fading Echoes


For almost a decade, Baccslau-Horvitz Syndrome has ravaged the planet. Those affected by it are trapped in the past, forced to relive ever-shorter fragments of their history until they can no longer function. Such people are known as Echoes, and ganglord Boss Clean won’t rest until they have been completely eradicated.

For Katie and her sister Bec, a high-functioning Echo, the only option is to flee his territory in search of sanctuary. Their best hope is the elusive Renshaw Institute, which claims to be researching a cure for BHS, but as Katie and Bec get closer to tracking it down, they realise the Institute might not be the safe haven that was promised to them.

BlackHarePress 1.jpg

Joel R. Hunt

carry on.jpg

Carry On

The earth is dying.

The second Civil War has ended, leaving the Elite to hide out in their bunkers with stockpiles of resources while everyone else struggles to survive.

In this new world, Diamond and her crew struggle to find a place where they belong. When they stumble upon an outpost with a host of prisoners, Diamond's crew will be forced to make a choice.

Do they flee, or do they stand up and fight for a world they can believe in?

Holley Pic BW 2.png

Holley Cornetto

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Sin Chaser

Who do you turn to when Heaven itself is against you?

Ness is a Sin Chaser, spending her life trying to protect people from the Big Seven—titanic monsters that wander the globe, snuffing out the remnants of human civilisation. When she finds Faith, the sole survivor of a devastated town, she embarks on a mission to deliver the girl to someone who might know why she alone survived. Faith could change everything, but first Ness has to protect her from roving packs of demons, sinister fallen angels, and her own bloody past.

How far will Ness go to keep the girl alive? And what will happen when the answers they find aren’t the ones they expect?


S.O. Green

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