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What happens after a worldwide cataclysmic event leaves the human population almost extinct? 
Within these pages we explore grim possibilities in this post-apocalyptic series of novelettes and novellas. Each unique story will delve into a world changed forever in a future not far from our own. 
Experience with us the terrifying possibility of a world rent asunder and the struggle to survive in a world AFTER.
An eight part mini-series:

Derelict by T.M. Brown

A Place Beyond the Storm by David Green

Quantum Rule by Jay Sandlin

The Creeping Void by Tim Mendees

Heart of Thorns by Chris Hewitt

Kalopsia by Kimberly Rei

Fading Echoes by Joel R. Hunt

Carry On Holley Cornetto

if you are a fan of "Love, Death and Robots" This is the collection for you. 
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One thing is certain: blood attracts predators.

Mikaela's home settlement of Solstice finds its resources exhausted and her own life endangered by the relentless expansion of the nearby city of Beacon. Given the choice between a certain death or an impossible task, Mikaela and her comrades journey into the barren and monster-plagued Tidelands. Their destination, a derelict supertanker named ‘Colossus’, is rumored to contain the blood of the Earth itself-enough to power Beacon for a generation.

Will it be enough to save the people of Solstice? Will it even be enough to save herself?


T.M. Brown



They say the truth will set you free. But will it kill them all in the end?

Spending her life in an underground cave network with The Kin, Panam is brought Topside on her 14th nameday and told the shocking truth; the surface is an abandoned wasteland where the rainfall is lethal. Packs of Raiders roam Topside, sheltering from the storm, in search of the what The Kin possess: untouched, fresh water.

Unwittingly, Panam alerts Raiders to The Kin's presence... With her sister under her protection, will she pay the ultimate price?


David Green

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Under Quantum Rule, you fight for your life whether you like it or not.

Brooklyn has a new contender in Bruce Dempsey, but he isn't sure if he can handle the pressure. After a short excursion with his girlfriend, he's reminded that sometimes it doesn't matter what you desire.


Jay Sandlin

Field Storm Clouds

The Creeping Void


Since the void descended, the Earth had become a twisted nightmare. Anything touched by the void becomes a horrific parody of its former self. As the unknown horror continues to spread, mankind finds itself being herded into isolated pockets. Soon... nothing will remain.

One last bastion of humanity is the Scottish Highlands where things have devolved into a Jacobean clan structure. Tom and Willie, two hapless clansmen, find their simple lives disrupted when a strange girl crosses their path. The secret of the void will soon be revealed as something monstrous and ancient stalks the hills and valleys. Time is running out for the human race... The Creeping Void is coming.


Tim Mendees