miracle Growth

More Humus than Human


Bizarre things are unfolding in a sleepy Cornish town right in the middle of the annual fruit and vegetable show.


What was once a fun and enjoyable affair of roots, assorted pies, and blue ribbon pickles, has rival green-fingered neighbours turning to an untested miracle fertilizer to win the coveted Rosette. But all hell is about to break loose and it’s up to a team of bumbling locals to put an end to the insidious horror that threatens not just the town, but the whole world.


Can they stop the contamination before it spreads or will the vegetation prove to be un-beet-able?


You won't find any bland veggies in this book. Man-eating marrows and vicious vines are just a few of the nightmares that lurk within the idyllic countryside in this novella of cosmic horror. Weird, disturbing, and brilliantly funny.


Tim Mendees does it again, with this novella that will have you screaming in fear and laughing out loud.


a novella
by tim mendees

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Tim Mendees is a horror writer from Macclesfield in the North-West of England that specialises in cosmic horror and weird fiction. A lifelong fan of classic weird tales, Tim set out to bring the pulp horror of yesteryear into the 21st Century and give it a distinctly British flavour. His work has been described as the love-child of H.P. Lovecraft and P.G. Wodehouse and is often peppered with a wry sense of humour that acts as a counterpoint to the unnerving, and often disturbing, narratives. 

Tim has had over eighty published short stories and novelettes along with five stand-alone novellas and a short story collection.

When he is not arguing with the spellchecker, Tim is a goth DJ, crustacean and cephalopod enthusiast, and the presenter of a popular web series of live video readings of his material and interviews with fellow authors. Tim is also a co-host of the Innsmouth Book Club podcast. He currently lives in Brighton & Hove with his pet crab, Gerald, and an army of stuffed octopods. 


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