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Paperback of Naughty Corner with signed bookplate and bookmark!


This book comes in two separate packages. Package one will be a book from the printer, package two will be the envelope that includes the bookmark, bookplate and extras!


Are you ready to get put into the Naughty Corner?


Coming this December, "The Naughty Corner" by Mark Towse.


Three uniquely fresh novellas in one collection, including Towse's wildest old-people horror yet, 'The Generation Games.'


Also includes, ‘The Naughty Corner’ and ‘My Name is Brian.’


The Generation Games. The population crisis is out of control. Earth’s resources are close to depletion. A mandate has been put into effect condemning people to death when they hit the age of seventy. Only A lucky few will have the opportunity to compete for a passport to the latter years. It’s about to get savage.



The Naughty Corner by Mark Towse - PAPERBACK


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