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by Drew Starling


A Monster. A Missing Boy. And Nowhere to Run.

Something is lurking in the woods just beyond Aaron and Ellen Dreyer’s new country home, and an evil that has been hiding in plain sight for centuries is about to emerge.

A neighbor is brutally murdered, their 4-year-old son goes missing in broad daylight, and the local town of Bensalem devolves into a cesspool of finger-pointing and chaos.

With nowhere left to turn, Aaron and Ellen are forced to venture into the woods to find their son -- and the truth. But in the process, they uncover a force larger and more sinister than anything they ever could have imagined.

Reviewers are Raving!

"He's making waves! Horror fans, Drew Starling should be at the top of your author-to-watch list."
~ Daniel Willcocks, Best-Selling Horror Author

"What instantly stands out in Sentinel is the author's ability to take the reader on a journey. He masterfully evokes emotions through beautifully penned characters and scene building. This is a dark, unsettling story that the author successfully sprinkles with generous doses of mystery and creepy scenes, enough to keep you glued to your reading spot until the very end. Well written, beautiful and haunting."
~ PAN's Book Reviews

"Starling shows off his chops at writing horror, with scenes that are disturbing, yet necessary. With this debut, Starling has singled himself out as an author to watch in the horror genre. I give this 5 out of 5 stars."
~ Holley Cornetto from Horror Tree

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