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** Includes exclusive art print and signed bookplate!

This book comes in two separate packages. Package one will be a book from the printer, package two will be the envelope that includes the artprint bookplate and extras!


A lonely teen discovers a new door in his family's old summer cottage and unknowingly opens a portal to a terrifying world.

All my life they told me monsters weren't real. They were dead wrong.

Hello. My name is David Rawlingson Junior and I’ve accidentally opened a door into Hell.

When my brothers and I found the locked door to the newly built extension on our rental cottage, the race to find the key was on. Little did I know that exploring the room beyond would create a bridge to countless alternate realities where humans have been eradicated. Ravenous creatures stalk the night, and they want nothing more than to get onto my side and feast.

But time is running out. I can’t get the bridge to break, and the more time I spend on the wrong side of the door digging for clues, the more I fade in my world.

Whatever these creatures are, I’m the only thing in their way. Shit.



"Why you should buy this: If you love the beauty of how Neil Gaiman crafts a story, Campbell will be a home run for you. This is her debut novel in the horror realm, but has other works out already. The book is engrossing and will tick all of the boxes of why some books are great while others are really good.This one was great and I’m hoping it gets the recognition this rightly deserves."


"GULF, by Shelly Campbell, was a book that I went into blindly--not sure what to expect. I was immediately drawn to the main character, David, who became as real in my mind as someone I'd actually met.David is from a family of seven, a "forgotten" child (in more ways than one), all of his life. He is awkward and has social anxiety--if this is something you're not already familiar with (I am all too well), then you soon will be. The writing is phenomenal in expressing this--not by just instructing the reader, but just by showing David's daily life.". . . First came the shock of my sudden presence, then the slow guilt as it sunk in, the realization that I'd been along for the ride the whole time . . . and they hadn't known I was there . . . "The summer cottage--and what David finds happens when he crosses into a spare room that is so much more than it seems, is so intriguing that I was thinking about it even when I wasn't actively reading.". . . It's only one step further than you ever were . . . "This was my first read by this author, and I can't wait to see what she comes up with next."Because invisibility is contagious . . ."Highly recommended."


"This was great! I really got into the main characters set of mind, and he was easily understandable and sympathetic. SPOILER ALERT! The weirdness creeps in. Who isn't fascinated by locked doors. and then changing dimensions! I liked the tempo, the building of the relationships in the family. Maybe, could have advanced a tiny bit faster compared to the end? I guess we will have more?"



Gulf by Shelly Campbell


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