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Thank you & Happy New Year

We want to take a moment and thank you for joining us at Eerie River Publishing, and let you know about all the

new and exciting things coming in 2020!

We have been overwhelmed by the reception we have received by the writing community, our fantastic Indie Authors, and their devoted readers. We are honored that we can share these wonderfully twisted tales with you.

Coming in 2020:

  • We will be setting up a monthly newsletter to keep authors and readers up to date with submission calls, book releases, contests, and much more.

  • Starting in January, we are revamping our featured author program, with interview-like questions, expanded bio, and highlighting them here on our blog and Patreon account.

  • For self-publishing indie authors, we will soon be offering "Author Services". This will include formatting options for both eBook and print, as well as proofreading and editing options by our freelanced editor Alanna Robertson-Webb.

  • We are also setting up a Patreon account, which will give subscribers free eBooks, short stories by featured authors, and even free paperback books in the higher tiers. For authors, it will offer discounts on formatting services, free paperback copies of books you are in, and more. Why a Patreon? Because we want to pay our authors. By subscribing to our services you will be providing funds necessary to make sure our authors and editing team get paid for every story we publish. The indie author world is full of publishers looking for authors to work for exposure. We want to do better and with your help, we will.

This is only the beginning. See you in 2020


Upcoming Releases:

"Forgotten Ones: Drabbles of Myth and Legend", will be released April 2, 2020. This collection features over 150 drabbles that resurrect the ancient world in 100 words or less. Within these pages, the old gods have awoken and with them, chaos will reign again.

"It Calls From The Forest: An Anthology of Dark Tales from the Woods", will be released April 15, 2020. It features stories thick with horror and of unspeakable things dwelling amid the trees. It Calls From the Forest. Will you answer?

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Excited to see everything that’s coming up!

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