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Pushing our Submission Window until 2023

2022 for Eerie River Publishing has been a huge year for growth. We went to multiple horror conventions and markets, released dark fantasy and horror anthologies, and published multiple series and stand-alone novels - Many of which have gone on to hit the top charts on Amazon Categories!

In 2023 we are looking forward to three ongoing series being released, at least three other anthologies, as well as some stand-alone horror novels already being worked on. Not only that, but our owner Michelle has also opened up a horror and dark fiction Canadian book box called Book Box Canada, which is giving Eerie River another opportunity to showcase the amazing works that we have been able to release as well as other indie authors and publishers.

Because of this, we have made the hard decision to pause our 2022 public novel and novella submission window until late 2023.

We know that this will be annoying and perhaps upsetting to some of our favourite authors that were looking forward to having their manuscripts read. This was not an easy decision but it is the best one for us at this time. With the responsibility of considering manuscripts, we need to make sure we are in a position to really take care and consideration with them, and that takes time. Which we are short on this year.

We look forward to reading your stories in our quarterly anthology calls, which can be found on our website under open calls, and hope when the time comes you will consider submitting your longer works.

In the meantime we are going to be focusing on promoting Eerie River's current titles and authors, building our sister business and putting out some fantastic short story anthologies.

Thank you all for understanding.


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