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Fall Updates for Authors


Could this summer have hung on any longer in Ontario? I don't think so and I for one and excited for the relief from this head and humidity.

I am not going to lie, this year has done a number on the River house and I cannot wait for 2022 to be over. We have a few announcements to go through before we get into calls and submission windows.

First, I want to acknowledge our Patrons. This year was a tough for the indie publishing world and I can honestly say, that without the support of our patrons we would have had to close our anthologies calls for the year. So thank you to all of our Patrons. Because of you, we were able to add "Folk Horror" and "Cosmic Horror" to the list of anthologies for the year! For those that haven't been following, Cosmic Horror is still taking submission until November 15. See below for details. View our patreon here

Sadly, we have made the hard decision to discontinue our hardcovers in our Anthologies.

We are also seeing a lot of issues coming up with Ingram Spark specifically with small batch hardcover orders. Very sorry for this. I may look into JUST amazon hardcovers, but their sizing is different so no matter what it won't match the current 5x8 sizing.

Next year our anthology year will look similar to how we did this year. We will maintain the quarterly calls, that are based on one linked theme, and have one “It Calls From” series call. Depending on how our new anthology calls sell, we may add another call but that is up in the air. Something else on the table is to do a Kickstarter with higher pay and some 'prefilled' author spots.

Ok, now to the announcements:

Novel & Novella Submissions

Novel and Novella Submissions, will go on as planned. This window will open between October/November - Our release schedule for whatever gets accepted will be late 2023/2024.

We are officially looking for 1 series in Horror and 1 series in Dark Fantasy.

What I am looking for. 2-5 book series. The first book must already be completed and edited to the best of your ability. A general outline of the series and where it is going. Overreaching arc kind of idea. One book/series per author No agent necessary Do not submit something that has already been passed on by Eerie

We also have room for one horror stand-alone novel or novella. Feel free to submit your single horror novel when the submission opens.

Looking for Readers

If you are interested in joining our ‘slush’ reader pile for this or future projects please let me know. We are always looking for readers that we can count on to review incoming submissions.

Thank you all so very much. If you need anything let me know, I hope to be reading from you soon!

Michelle River

Response Times


Simone is diligently reading through these now, and should have final emails out by first week of October or sooner.

If you need to remove your story please email to -

It Calls From Below

Our readers are pretty much done reading through first rounds. The first set of emails going out should be out within the next two weeks. This will let you know if your story has made it to the second round, or if we have unfortunately passed.

I am aiming to have final decisions done within 30 days, but it may be up to 45 days. Should you need to withdraw your submission please email me at



A note from the curator and project lead - Tim Mendees

​It's time to get weird and give us your sanity-blasting tales of cosmic horror.

“The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown”

― H.P. Lovecraft

The above quote by the father of the genre sums it up nicely. Cosmic horror deals with the insignificance of the human race in the face of an uncaring cosmos teeming with entities beyond our understanding. It is the things lurking in the liminal spaces between worlds. The hunger of a carnivorous universe.

Give me your tales of Eldritch monstrosities, crazed cultists, subterranean terrors, and malign deities. I want a wide range of themes and abominations for this so think outside of the usual squid-faced suspects. Cosmic horror is more than just HPL. I will be looking for stories inspired by early practitioners such as Blackwood, Machen, Chambers & Hodgeson through the Lovecraft Circle to modern masters of the genre.

For this anthology, I'm looking for the world as we know it and beyond. Historical, space & alternate reality settings are fine and encouraged but I'm not looking for fantasy (sword & sorcery) settings for this call. Think decaying urban landscapes, isolated communities, ancient ruins and lonely ships in orbit. Show me the unravelling of the fabric of society and the slipping mask of sanity.

Above all, have fun with it. Take the brakes off and let your imagination run riot. Unleash the nightmare creations hiding in the dusty corners of your mind. Embrace the madness.

Word count: 1500 - 7000 firm.

Reprints? No

Multiple Submission? No thank you 💀 Only one submission per author

Payment: Flat rate payment ¢1 per word CAD after approved edits - up to $70 CAD

View all the call details on our website

DOUBLE Bonus for Patreon members

Early & Extended Submission Windows - one week early submission - one week extension Allowed to submit two stories


WIND/AIR Elemental Book Four

Stories of horror with the theme of 'wind' - Rated R welcomed

Simone has some suggestions on things they would like to see and also to inspire some horror. Toxic clouds, flying creatures, suffocation, poisonous atmospheres, airborne diseases, portals, disappearances.

This has a lot of ways it could go and we hope to see some unusual stories.

​Word count: 2000 - 7000 (Some wiggle room allowed - please let us know on the form, no need to email)

Payment: Flat rate payment ¢1 per word CAD after approved edits - up to $70 CAD

Reprints? No

Multiple Submission? No 💀 Only one submission per author per - UNLESS you are a patron member. Members will be able to submit two stories for this call.

DOUBLE Bonus for Patreon members

Early & Extended Submission Windows - one week early submission - one week extension Allowed to submit two stories


Like these bonus patreon perks? Want instant access to dozens of horror short stories, early submissions and free eBooks? Think about supporting us on our Patreon account! - Submit to our anthologies and open novel submissions early - Discounts on formatting - Polls for anthology themes - Early announcements on calls and behind the scene details - Feedback and critiques on stories that are rejected - Discounts on books and merchandise See what our Patreon is all about by clicking here.

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