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earth bleeds at night - Kickstarter announced!

We are excited to announce, coming soon from Eerie River... a new anthology called, “The Earth Bleeds at Night." We already have a stacked table of contents with over ten invited authors for this call.

The Earth Bleeds at Night is an anthology project created by Eerie River Publishing. This anthology will be a collection of authors presenting their own take on this theme. We are looking for all types of horror, and writers are welcome to interpret the theme broadly.

The Table of Contents will be a mixture of invited authors and open call.

The number of open call stories we can accept will depend in part on the funds raised by this Kickstarter. To find out who the invited authors are, follow us on social media, as new authors will be announced each week. Authors accepted through our open call will be paid .05/word.

We are seeking $5000 to fund this anthology. This helps us pay for stories, cover art, professional editing, and backer awards.

The moment we hit our initial goal we will unlock five available spots for an open submission reading.

We will open a call for submissions on May 15, 2024 and remain open until June 30, 2024. The word count limit is 5,000 words approximate. Submissions must be on theme and simultaneous submissions are not allowed.

Stretch goals are in place to allow for additional stories within this anthology!

Full guidelines will be coming soon. We will not consider AI-written or assisted stories.

Are you ready to make the earth bleed?

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