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Michelle River
cover animations

Animated covers and 3D graphics are all the rage and for very good reason. They are interesting. They catch your eye and hold your attention for a few seconds. For an author trying to get readers, attention is key.  

This trend is not going away anytime soon. 

I offer simple and affordable cover animations for every genre, including horror and erotica. Although I do hold the right to decline a cover animation based on extensive nudity or violence. 


I work with you through direct email to confirm what you are looking for and I guarantee to have your cover or 3D graphic ready within 7 days. 

Options and Cost: 

Single cover animation - $15.00 CAD

Single cover animation plus 3D graphic - $20.00 CAD

Single cover animation plus two 3D graphics - $25.00 CAD

Need multiple covers done at once? Message me to discuss a discount. 

*Please note I am not responsible for designing, sizing, or creating your original cover or graphics. Twitter and Facebook are roughly the same size, where Instagram prefers the solid square. 

How to Order

Send me an email letting me know what you are looking for.  Single cover or multiple with graphics.  Through email will confirm what audience you are trying to attract, the vibe or feel of the cover, and any specifics you have.

Remember to attach your book cover graphics in full resolution for approval. 

Once we have that confirmed I will forward you the invoice, terms and conditions, and once payment has been received I will start the animation. Turnaround is guaranteed within 7 days

Ema - Please title your email "Animation Request" so that it does not get misplaced.



Standard Terms and Conditions 

By purchasing an animated cover, animated graphic, or any other service which falls under this feature you agree to the following: 


  • Payment will be made via Paypal in full to Michelle River, in Canadian Dollars in a reasonable time. You understand that without payment, no process of animation will begin. Please see PayPal's current exchange rate to confirm the total money's due in your currency. 

  • The fee is non-refundable.

  • Eerie River Publishing and it's contract employee Michelle River do not guarantee sales, likes or retweets as a result of this service or animation. 

  • Eeire River Publishing and Michelle River, retain the right to publish the cover and graphics on its website, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram account for marketing purposes. Whenever possible and with your permission, your handle will be tagged for mutual exposure. 

  • Michelle is in no way responsible for creating or sizing your cover designs or mockups. You will be responsible for providing the graphics in full resolution. ​ And all submissions are subject to approval. 

  • Revisions are welcome, however, we will limit the revision request to three for each file. 

  • You will be provided with a minimum of two variations of the cover or graphic. You are welcome to use all animated graphics provided should you approve of them. 


  • Please be advised these terms and conditions can change, and you are responsible for reviewing the terms emailed to you prior to your purchase. 

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