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IndieGoGo Campaign 2021


Happy New Year!

Despite a raging pandemic and a world gone mad, 2020 with Eerie River Publishing, was a year of growth. We were able to meet the demand and intensity of the world around us and find our legs within the chaos.

With a strong author group that supported and pushed us forward, were able to create and release our signature anthology series "It Calls From", starting with "It Calls from the Forest", and complete a much anticipated dark fantasy series "With Blood and Ash" and "With Bone and Iron" releasing soon.

With all that and more behind us, 2021 is gearing up to be our most ambitious year yet! We have multiple anthologies in both horror and dark fantasy releasing, live author events, open calls planned - starting with “It Calls from the Doors”, an LGBTQ+ anthology called “Of Fire and Stars” (planned for June), audiobooks, as well as single-authored novels and novellas coming out by some amazing authors.

But even with all of those successes, as you can imagine 2020 has been a hard year for the indie publishing world. In this uncertain and tumultuous time, all of us have seen the brunt of the pandemic in sales and revenue. However, paying our authors a decent amount has been our number one priority, even when that meant not paying ourselves and devoting everything to our authors, artists and editor.

That is exactly why we have decided to run a crowdfunding campaign through Indiegogo.

Our only goal for this campaign is to continue to offer paid opportunities for our authors while we grow and create top quality anthologies. This is why 100% of the funds from this campaign will go directly to flat rate payments for stories published. With three main anthologies planned for the year, if we are able to reach our initial goal we will be able to increase our payment to a minimum of one cent per word for each story selected.

Sign up with no obligation for automatic updates and be entered into a draw for a surprise e-book bundle. Opening February 1st.

But even as we grow and move forward into the new year, our one and only goal still remains forever the same. Creating a paying market for indie authors.

Here is a sneak peek at what to expect:

Discounts on paperback and hardcovers! Get the whole series at a 15% discount off of our listed price.

Preorder these collections and have them mailed to you before the release date!

This 15% discount also applies for the "It Calls From" series. Order this book set and get it, along with an early release of "It Calls From the Sea".

Are you an author getting ready to self publish? Get your ebook and paperback formatting at a 20% discount! Limited spots will be available for this one, so make sure to grab it right away and book a spot when you know your book is being released.

Alanna, our fantastic editor, has agreed to donate her copy editing services as well! There will be three short story edits that will be available to grab at a discount. So if this is something you are interested in make sure to log on right away on Feb 1st.

We have a few more exciting things coming up, including sticker bundles, swag, advanced signed copies of books and so much more ... but we will be announcing those closer to the date. Stay tuned and please remember to follow us on our campaign for all the updates.

Don't want to wait until the campaign to get your book orders in? No problem. Go online to our homepage and use the contact form to request a quote for your own book bundle!

Thank you so much for all your support.

Have a safe and wonderful new year.

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