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 Welcome to our Swag Market, your go-to shop for everything Eerie River!

Please note all prices are in Canadian funds unless specified. 


Buy your paperback and hardcover
books directly through us and receive a 15% discount on cover price.

Request a quote on books, bundles, or have a package made up just for you!

Our Books

Eerie Swag & Merchandise


Surprise Swag Bags!

Who doesn't like a surprise? 

Get your hands on Eerie River swag and merchandise with our surprise swag bags delivered right to your door. All you need to do is fill out our order form and let us know if you are a reader, author or both, and we will customize a full swag bag just for you!

Each back comes with a magnet, stickers, bookmarks and postcards.

Simply fill out our order form here and let us know!

We will reach out to discuss and will send you a Paypal invoice once we confirm the order. 

Cost is $13.00 (CAD) including world wide shipping. 

We now have two online stores to fulfill all your merchandise needs!
scroll to view examples of items available at each store. 
more items and pricing available online. 
Journals and Notebooks
Pocket-sized and with just the right amount of paper, these 100 pages of lined paper will go with you wherever you are for when inspiration strikes.
$3.99 USD Available exclusively through AMAZON
Full-Sized Notebook. 6x9 inches and 120 pages of lined perfection. 
$5.99 USD Available exclusively through AMAZON

Bookmark and Postcard Packages - Shipped from Ontario

Bookmarks & Postcards
Forest Volume One
Postcard (8).png
Forest Volume Two
Postcard Back.png
Bookmark Eerie (1).png
Bookmark Eerie.png
2x6 Bookmark Designs (2).png
2x6 Bookmark Designs (1).png
2x6 Bookmark Sky.png
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