Something Wicked Is Coming To Patreon

Right now, in a dark room illuminated only by the flickering light of an old computer screen, is an author. With every beat of their heart and breath of their blackened soul, their fingers gliding effortlessly upon clacking keys, they type. Creating stories so dark and wonderfully satisfying that only Eerie River dare publish it. Just for you.

Need another reason to join us on Patreon? How about top quality horror every single month for every tier level?

Every month we are hosting an

Eerie River Authors only short-story contest and choosing the best of the

best and posting it right here for our

Patron-exclusive content!

We will post the top two stories every month under our Patron-only content, which is available for every single tier level. You will not be disappointed. 

For 2020, we are going old school horror themes: That's right, classic horror tropes. 

Our first theme for 2020 is ZOMBIES

Get your shotgun ready, pour yourself a glass of whiskey, and make sure you're wearing brown pants because the zombie hoard is coming.

Join us on Patreon before January 30th and receive a paperback copy of our debut drabble collection "Forgotten Ones" for free! Visit Patreon here and see if it is right for you.

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