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Last Call for Novels and Novellas in Horror

We are only days away from closing our open call for horror novels and novella manuscripts.

We are an inclusive company that accepts submission from anyone regardless of race, gender or sexuality. We accept agented and non-agented submissions during our submission window.

This call closes July 16th. We are seeking high-quality, stand alone novels, novella's and potential novella series in horror. At this time we are not interested in short story collections, erotica, strictly religious fiction, YA Fiction, or poetry. We want unique, well-crafted stories with compelling plots, terrifying twists, and entertaining characters, for mature audiences. Give us your grim, heart-wrenching twist. The perfect story would balance the light and the dark pieces of the storyline with humour, alongside the emotional twists and turns. In essence, if you can evoke a gambit of emotion throughout the story then we will be hard-pressed to say no. Manuscripts should be written in good taste, and be aimed for a mature audience. As this is horror we expect the scary and horrible, and we encourage a step toward darker, more horrific tones within the storyline. We won't shy away from some use of violence and gore. However, we will not be accepting any manuscripts with detailed rape scenes, pedophilia, sexual torture, or untoward behaviours regarding animals of any kind (you know exactly what we mean). Novel submissions should be under 100,000 words. Novella submissions should be approximately 25,000 - 60,000 words. Although we are not requiring a series for novellas, if you have a potential series we would be interested in seeing some outline should your manuscript be chosen to move forward to second-round considerations. Please ensure that you are sending us the best version of your story to be reviewed. For novels your manuscript should be completed in full, have already undergone beta readings, editings and revisions. For novella and series, the first of the series should be completed in full, have already undergone beta readings, editings and revisions, and an outline of the next books should be in place and ready to discuss.

What gives me the best chances to get published?

Here is a very simple list of what makes a good story great, and what we are looking for when we read your manuscripts:

  • an original concept

  • characters who are relatable, who are interesting and have believable behaviours, motives, and relationships with other characters

  • strong and fluid dialogue that sounds believable when read

  • multiple strong plot points throughout

  • horror - We want to be scared

  • following the submission guidelines and formatting your manuscript as advised.

Get all our formatting guidelines and submit your manuscript here:

As an indie publishing house, we want to work alongside authors who are focused, and who are ready to sell their novels and novellas with us. We will work with you to market your book to the best of our ability. We will also help create a list of recommendations, as well as a schedule for you to make sure that you are grabbing the attention of potential readers during the pre-launch and after. We believe creating a street team to spread the word is vital, especially in this age of social media. Readers want to know about the authors they are reading, so a social media presence is paramount.

Eerie River Publishing only publishes a handful of novels a year. Regrettably, this means we will have to pass on some fantastic writing. We wish we could publish them all but the truth is we wouldn't be able to put the resources needed behind each project to make them a success. And that is what we are here to do.

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