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Isolation Drabbles

I think we can all be honest and admit last month has been a garbage pile of "What the f*** happened?". So we thought it would be fun - and cathartic - to switch from our normal dark and horrifying, and lighten it up a little with some "poke fun at our situation" drabbles.

May we present some humorous drabbles about the every day life in isolation, for those lucky enough to be healthy enough to write. Please enjoy, and hopefully laugh a little bit with us.

Clint Foster

Hello beverages my friends, I’ve come to sip on you again. A quarantine that never ends. Daydrinking never made so much sense. And the hours, they run together like my drinks, And I think, That once again, I’m daydrunk. Mimosas, ciders, beer, mead, and wine. A beer ad, well I’ll take that as a sign, That it’s time to crack open another drink, And I think, That once again, I’m daydrunk. And in the streaming fog I saw, A dozen beers or maybe more. What time is it? Doesn’t matter, I’m crunk, And I’ve thunk, That once again, I’m daydrunk.

Clint Foster has several stories published with Black Hare Press, Dragon Soul Press, Eerie River Press, and other publishers, and he loves to tell stories as much as he enjoys reading them. He lives in southern Iowa with his wonderful wife, Nik, their beloved Basset, Zero, and a herd of four cats.

Neen Cohen

The pile grows. Clean but unneeded. The shirts are left unironed to romance with the bras and pantyhose. I scoff as I throw more from the line on top. Clothes diving is a thing of the past Soon the washing machine will be bored But no one visits now Naked is the new normal I sit lotus style and begin The new daily routine After this the tv beckons My phone chimes and interrupts my workout The knock is rushed at the door Her voice sings through the heavy wood. ‘Isolation is lifted.’ Well fuck, time to clothes dive again.

Neen Cohen is an LGBTQI and speculative fiction author. Her short stories and drabbles can be found in anthologies through several different publishers. She has a Bachelor of Creative Industries and is a member of the Springfield Writers Group. Neen lives in Brisbane Australia with her partner, son, and fur babies. She loves to roam cemeteries, botanic gardens, and construction sites and can often be found writing while sitting against a tree or tombstone. Check out her latest adventures and publications on her Blog or reader group:

Cory Stephens

Quarantine Quarantine Please go away I just want to go back To work for one day. My wife is essential She gets to go free Leaving the kids 12, 8, and 3 with me. Homeschool. Classes. Zoom meeting at 3. I wish I had literally anywhere else I could be. Spanish, Algebra, Fractions, and Math, Do they really expect me to know how to teach that? Baby Shark and Mickey stay on the tv. How many times a day can a 3 year old pee? The house is a mess, no chores done. Is anybody else having so much fun?

Cory has a wife and 3 kids. He started writing in 2001 by emailing out a newsletter with the intention of spamming his friends and family with stupid stories about his life. Shockingly, they enjoyed it and his love of writing was discovered. In 2019, he read a reddit nosleep story and decided he could write a better story than that and started writing fiction/horror. He would love to one day write a book but recently has been writing short stories instead. His rarely updated blog is And his writing subreddit is

Elizabeth Nettleton

Anna glared at the computer, her fingers wrapped around an empty wine glass. “There are no rules in isolation!” she declared as she poured another drink. "There should be," Daisy thought. She loved Anna, she really did, but she also loved her solitude. Having eight hours apart each day was good for them. Anna’s eyes slipped away from her work and fell onto the leash. “Oh, Daaaaisy,” she sang. “Do you want to go for a walk again?” "Good grief, woman," Daisy thought. She fled up the stairs with a disgruntled meow. "You really need to get yourself a dog."

Elizabeth Nettleton studied Law at the Queensland University of Technology, Australia, and now lives in Oxfordshire with her family. She enjoys writing dark fiction and horror, and her work has been included in The Sirens Call eZine, Trembling with Fear, and the "Forgotten Ones" and "It Calls From The Forest" anthologies by Eerie River Publishing. Website: Twitter: @ElizabethNett18

The Writer's Life David Green

No sports or contact with people. Gym’s gone out the window. Got lazy. Lost motivation. Eating food, putting on weight. Searching cupboards, creating crazier concoctions from what I find with each passing day. Sitting down to write, an empty white screen stares back and I worry about rejection. Read a book but my thoughts wander to the last time I went outside. Eat more food, drink too much alcohol. Subscribe to too many YouTube channels than is reasonable. Wore the same clothes since the dawn of man. That’s my week. Thanks for asking. Now, what’s all this about a quarantine?

David Green is a fiction writer based in Co Galway, Ireland, and will be published by Nocturnal Sirens, Black Hare Press and The Great Void soon and is online with Nymphs and Ink Pantry. David was nominated as Over The Edge New Writer of the Year 2019. Twitter: @David Green Website:

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