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Getting Dark and Dirty with Alanna Robertson-Webb

Sitting down with our very own Alanna Robertson-Webb, to get all the deets of what is new and what is still to come.

Alanna Robertson-Webb is a New York author who enjoys long weekends of LARPing, is terrified of sharks and finds fun in editing character backstories for her Dungeons and Dragons group.

She lives with a fiancee and two cats, all of whom like to take over her favorite cozy blanket when they think they can get away with it. She is currently a wound vac specialist by day, and an editor and author by candlelight.

While she has been published before, which is wonderful, she one day aspires to run her own nerd-themed restaurant.

As the main editor for the very first, and foreseeable future, anthologies by Eerie River Publishing tell us how you are finding the role. What are you enjoying about it?

I love everything about the work I do for ERP. Whether it's assisting Michelle with selecting stories, or helping her decide on book cover layouts, I love getting to stretch my creative muscles. The editing side is enjoyable as well, and I adore working with our wonderful authors to assure peak condition for their submissions.

What got you into editing, why did you decide editing was what you wanted to get into?

I got into editing back in high school. I was the "brainy one" in my friend group, and once they saw the A's I would get in our English classes they soon came to me for assistance. I really, really took pleasure in going through their papers with them to show what worked, and what could use some tweaking. My peer tutoring continued into college, and since then I've worked with various authors (in and out of ERP) as a soundboard for their stories.

Have you always written, or was there a catalyst that prompted you to begin this journey?

I've always written, even as a child, but it wasn't until I came across a call out for forest-themed horror stories by Haunted House Publishing, LLC. in 2017 that I started writing regularly.

What is your favourite genre to read?

I absolutely love reading fantasy novels. My favorite book series is the Warrior Cats series by Erin Hunter, followed closely by Brian Jacques' Redwall series.

Do you remember the first piece of writing shared publicly?

Yes. It was 2015, and I was a senior in college. One of my professors encouraged me to submit a 300-word flash horror piece I had written to the Sigma Tau Delta literary magazine, and they accepted it! It's called The Feather, and is still on their website.

What were people’s reactions, but more importantly how did you react getting it out there?

I was absolutely ecstatic. As aforementioned I've always loved to write, but I had never thought that I would see my name in print. My mom was extremely proud, and overall people thought it was a dark, but highly creative, piece.

What is your workspace like?

My workspace is mainly my bed, so nice and comfortable. There's usually a cat somewhere on it, and my fiance likes to play video games while I write/edit.

What kind of atmosphere do you need to write?

I can write anywhere, at any time. Midnight on a train in India? Done. Nine in the morning on my aunt's porch while it's raining? Easy-peasy. As long as no one is talking directly to me too much I can focus just fine no matter what conditions are around me.

Did you have an imaginary friend when you were little?

I actually never did, at least not a humanoid one. I did, however, enjoy pretending that I had a magical, blue cat as a friend.

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