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Early Release and FREE!

Let's be honest, we are in some crazy times right now and it feels like it is going to get worse before it gets better.

I can't save the world, but I can give you all a free book while you are in isolation!

Forget about the dishes and turn off the TV. Curl up with a blanket and let the world slip away for a few moments. Delve into this anthology of Myth and Legend. Over 200 drabbles by over 90 authors worldwide.

"Forgotten Ones" #free from March 22-24

The battle is upon us, and the old gods are waking. Tremble as you rediscover the darkness that came before, the darkness that could eat the world. Within these pages gods of fable, creatures of lore, and ancient rituals have been brought back to life in over two hundred drabbles of exactly one hundred words each. Delve into the madness created by award-winning horror and fiction authors from around the world. We dare you to remember the fear of the unknown, and to dive headfirst into ancient mysteries. The old gods have awoken, and with them lose chaos will reign again.

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