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Cover Reveal for our Dark Fantasy Series!

We are thrilled to show off these amazing covers for the first two installments in our debut Eerie River Dark Fantasy Series, "With Blood and Ash" and "With Bone and Iron"!

Eerie River brings you gripping tales of dark magic from break out award-winning authors from around the world.

Each anthology will give you seven stand-alone novelette sized stories that will thrust you into exciting worlds filled with deadly magic, non-stop action and adventure.

Releasing March 6, 2021 - Get ready.

With Blood and Ash

T.M. Brown "The Hounds of Everspire" David Green "Master and Apprentice" Crystal Lynn Hilbert "What We Were Made" Joel R. Hunt "Fire and Wisdom" Michael D. Nadeau "The Child of Fire" Rose Strickman "The Monster of Carroch" Wynne F. Winters "The Spring in the Desert"

With Bone and Iron

McKenzie Richardson "With Stunted Wings" Sam Fletcher "Morgan's Story" Austin Shirey "The Hound of Oakenhall" Rachael Boucker "Dith the fire witch: A Night Order story" Cameron Scott Kirk "Black Lake Tower" Jonathon Mast "Dowser in a Dead Town" Lauraine S Blake "Fury: A Tale of the Wilder Light"

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