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Author March Updates!

It’s that time again, we are reading, responding and getting ready for our next two calls in May. Not to mention opening three more calls! Folk horror, Beneath, Cosmic and Novella — Keep reading for full details.

Reading & Responding times

EARTH - First quarterly call ended Feb 28. Expected timeline for finalized decisions within 14 days. Thank you all who submitted, Simone and I completely agree these were fantastic stories.

Don’t forget the next call for FIRE starts May. Patrons do get one additional entry, and an early entry time for this one. 2022 LINE UP


HORROR - Rated R stories are welcome. This is book one in a four-book planned series.

Each book opens every quarter for one month. Feb - Earth - Completed May - Fire August - Water December - Wind The open window will be the entire month. Authors will be allowed 1 submission per quarter - no reprints, no simultaneous submissions. Compensation will be 1 cent CAD per word Wordcount: 2000 - 7000 firm Bonus for Patreon members, will be allowed to submit stories one week early and be given a one week extension. They already have the form link and are submitting now! We will be accepting up to 10 stories (exact number will be confirmed) per quarter. These selected stories will be published in a quarterly ebook, as well as a series anthology boxed set in paperback, ebook and hardcover released early 2023. PLEASE REVIEW OUR WEBSITE FOR ALL OF OUR DETAILS AND FORMATTING REQUIREMENTS - THIS IS ALSO WHERE YOU WILL FIND THE LINK TO UPLOAD YOUR STORY. Dates to remember - February: Earth - May: Fire - August : Wind - December: Water


We are searching for stories that fall into the theme of Folk Horror.

Theme: Give me your rituals, your sacrifices. Give me your isolated communities and their backwards practices. Give me your old or forgotten gods and the creatures that men fear to speak of above a whisper. Give me idols, pagan practices, and harvest festivals. Think movies like The Apostle, Wicker Man, Midsommar, The Ritual, and Kill List.

We’re looking for stories that explore the dark side of human nature in interesting and foreboding settings. In folk horror, setting is just as important as characters. We want stories dripping with atmosphere. Transport us, and give us a front row seat to your nightmares.

Word count: 2000 - 7000 (Some wiggle room allowed - please let us know on the form, no need to email) Payment: Flat rate payment ¢1 per word CAD after approved edits - up to $70 CAD Reprints? No Multiple Submission? No 💀 Only one submission per author per - UNLESS you are a patron member. Members will be able to submit two stories for this call. DOUBLE Bonus for Patreon members Early & Extended Submission Windows one week early submission - one week extension

Allowed to submit two stories

This one is being headed by Holley Cornetto. If you have any questions you can reach her on twitter, or ask a question on the FB group and she will answer for you!

It Calls From Beneath: AUGUST - SEPTEMBER

Rated R Stories are welcome - looking for horror that scares This one is all about below the surface. Think subterranean, buried alive, ancient buried treasure, something lost now found, underground, in basements, crawlspaces, in caves and dark places. This has a lot of ways it could go and I we hope to see some unusual stories. 2 - 7k words DOUBLE Bonus for Patreon members Early & Extended Submission Windows one week early submission - one week extension

Allowed to submit two stories


More details to come but look our for our cosmic horror call FALL 2022 As usual rated R stories are welcome 2 - 7k words Anything cosmic horror goes. Better get writing! DOUBLE Bonus for Patreon members Early & Extended Submission Windows one week early submission - one week extension

Allowed to submit two stories


OPENING THIS SUMMER - DATE TO BE ANNOUNCED I am focusing on series this time around. Horror or dark fantasy, but it must be a workable series. Not looking for stand-alone books at this time. Release date 2023. I have room for 2 series in the budget. What I am looking for. 2-5 book series. First book must already be completed and edited to the best of your ability. A general outline of the series and where it is going. Overreaching arc kind of idea. One book/series per author No agent necessary Do not submit something that has already been passed on by Eerie

Looking for Readers

If you are interested in joining our ‘slush’ reader pile for this or future projects please let me know. We are always looking for readers that we can count on to review incoming submissions. Thank you all so very much. If you need anything let me know, I hope to be reading from you soon! Michelle River


Like these bonus patreon perks? Want instant access to dozens of horror short stories, early submissions and free eBooks? Think about supporting us on our Patreon account! - Submit to our anthologies and open novel submissions early - Discounts on formatting - Polls for monthly themes - Early announcements on calls and behind the scene details - Feedback and critiques on stories that are rejected - Discounts on books and merchandise See what our Patreon is all about by clicking here.

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