Eerie River Publishing is proud to offer a full range of affordable services for indie authors looking to

self-publish, and our goal is to provide top quality services in book formatting 

at prices that won’t break the bank. 

How It Works

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discuss your wants

Let me know what you are looking for. We will review the options available and see what works best for your publishing goals and your wallet. 

Book your services

Once we have confirmed what services fit your needs, I will forward you a working contract and invoice outlining time frame and expectations for you to sign and return with deposit. 

eBook & Print Formatting 

Simple and elegant formatting

Stylized Design - A choice of fonts and formats to create a professional clean look for your book.  Includes stylistic elements like drop caps, beautiful fonts for chapter and sections, chapters starting immediately after ending of the previous chapter (default on print) or on the right page (when requested), headers or footers with book and chapter names,  and table of contents with chapter headings and page numbers.


Digital Format: Includes a digital copy of your works in mobi format for Amazon uploads, and epub format for Apple iBooks and other uploading sites. Up to five revisions.

Print Format: Includes a PDF copy of your works in the size you requested, with odd/even adjusted margins.  Up to five revisions. 
You chose which format you need and we will do the rest. Take a look at our stylistic options for print books here

Please Note: To format your work properly I require the final, edited, and complete manuscript. Changes, even on a minor scale, can affect page count/layout. Please have your front matter, book, and back matter laid out the way you want. If you don’t know about these things, please ask so that I can help you prior to you sending me the file.

Formatting Investment

Choose a single format or both - the choice is yours

Initial Investment for a novel: Up to 100,000 words and two (2) Images (roughly 400 pages for 5x8)

Cost: $150.00 (USD)
Additional 10000 words: $20.00
Additional images: 5 for $10.00
Only need one format? Take off $25. ($125.00)
* images need to be large 300 dpi resolution, and high quality

Initial Investment for a novella: Up to 50,000 words and two (2) images.

Cost: $100.00 (USD)

Additional images: 5 for $10.00

Only need one format? Take off $25. ($75.00)

Please note at this time we are only offering formatting services for single-authored fiction short story collections, novels and novellas in the standard printing sizes. Should you require something else, please contact us to discuss and make sure we will fit your needs. 


Michelle River

Owner, Project Manager and Formatter

Michelle River is the owner, head project manager and book formator with Eerie River Publishing.

She enjoys hot black coffee and beautiful books. Michelle is devoted to making sure your novel looks both professional and stylish. With simple, yet classic designs, she can transform your manuscript into a paperback that you will be thrilled to see in stores and have on your shelf.