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Book Releases

Storming ARea 51: Horror at the Gate


A war between the aliens that crash-landed here in 1947 and the government that has conspired to keep them here has begun. And after years of hiding within the human population, the Taus are finally ready to get off this planet. But before they do they need one thing first. Carl.

No one could have imagined the true intentions of the Facebook event “Storm Area 51”, or the dire consequences that would befall all those that came seeking answers beyond the gates.

Co-Written by: Michelle River, Alanna Robertson-Webb, Ben Hare, Drew Starling, Zane Hensal

don't look: 12 Stories of Bite Sized Horror

Dark, disturbing and creepy. This collection of twelve deliciously dark tales will twist your mind and keep you up all night.

THE ROTTEN HOUSE: After the death of her Mother a daughter goes back to the house she abandoned years ago. But she learns quickly, some things are better left in the past.

AN AMISH CHRISTMAS: When a family goes to a reunion in an old house an unexpected family member shows up, and things take a turn for the creepy.

LOWCOUNTRY: How does God feel about men who abuse women and children? A small swamp community is about to find out the hard way.

The authors of "Storming Area 51: Horror at the Gate", team up once more to give you a collection of unique and creepy short stories that will leave you looking over your shoulder and locking your doors at night.